What tourists need to know about Mbarara

What tourists need to know about Mbarara

As a visitor to Mbarara, there are several social amenities you may wish to know about so as to make your visit a home away from home. Some of the following are places of importance to know within Mbarara;

Banking services

Mbarara is served by most of the major banks located in Kampala including the regulatory central bank of Uganda. This makes monetary transactions convenient and foreign currency exchange. It also eliminates the risk of carrying bulky sums of money on long distances. Some randomly selected banks are Stanbic bank, DFCU bank, Tropical bank, Bank of Africa, KCB bank, Diamond trust bank, Barclays bank African development bank and many other banks.

Communication services

When you are in Mbarara, you are guaranteed of all communication networks including mobile phone communication and internet services provided by the various network service providers like MTN, Airtel, Africel, Uganda telecom, Roke Telkom and Smile among others.

Transport services

Mbarara has many public transport operators to various parts of Uganda as well as special hire and tour operators that are readily available to meet all your transport needs. There are also options for self drive should a visitor need them.

Accommodation services

Mbarara has many places where you can conveniently spend your period of stay and have great meals perfectly prepared to suit your tastes. Accommodation range in various budgets, therefore every category of travelers can find a place of choice and budget to stay in.

Shopping needs

Mbarara town has many shopping arcades and supermarkets where all your shopping needs can be conveniently met. There are also other markets where local supplies can be accessed, hence all your shopping needs are guaranteed.

Places of worship

For a traveler who values his/her spiritual attachment, there are many places of worship suitable for all religious affiliations like Anglicans, Catholics, Islam, Pentecostals and Hindu all within the proximity of the town.

Entertainment and nightlife

For a visitor who would love to experience Mbarara life at night and have a feel of the entertainment of this fast-growing town, there are many places where one can experience all these. Places such as Signature Lounge & Premium, Vegas, Nicoz lounge and other places all give a visitor the best of Mbarara’s entertainment needs.

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